coffee break :: a guide to the french press

As some of your may know, I am a barista/coffee geek by “profession”.  I fell in love with coffee and everything that it means almost immediately after working in specialty coffee. (I’ll probably share this story sometime soon!)  Because it’s such a huge part of my life right now, I thought I would frequently share some info and lovely things about coffee.

To start off, I am going to guide you through how to make French press coffee, which is probably the easiest home brewing method (other than a regular coffee brewer, but let’s be honest, that makes quite disgusting coffee in comparison).

French pressing coffee allows you to experience how the coffee tastes at different temperatures.  You will taste different notes of flavor when the cup is hot or cold.  It creates a full-bodied cup and brings out the natural sweetness of the coffee.

What you need (for a single cup of coffee):

-a French press
-22 g (~2T, but it’s always better to weigh it out) of coarsely ground coffee (preferably done yourself at home)
-12 oz of water just off the boil (~195 degrees)

Step 1:  Start the water boiling

Step 2. Weigh out the coffee and grind it on a course setting (larger particles than for your coffee maker)

Step 3. Pour the coffee grounds into a cleaned French press.

Step 4. After the water has boiled, let it sit for a minute.  Then, pour the water carefully over the grounds.

Step 5. Set a timer for 3:30-4:00 depending on your tastes.

Step 6. After 1:00 minutes, gently stir the grounds so that all get fully saturated.

Step 7.  When the timer expires, gently press the plunger down and pour into your cup.

It’s very simple (and relatively cheap) and if you do it correctly, you can drastically improve the the quality of your morning coffee at home!


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