romantic :: outfit post

The month of April is going to be completely insane.  I have so many lovely things going on and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  It seems that everything wonderful is always crammed into a couple months out of the year.  C’est la vie.

Speaking of French, I am beginning to learn a bit from a podcast series on iTunes called “Coffee Break French”.  They are 15-20 minutes lessons and I believe they actually work (so far)!  If you recall, one of my 24 before 25 is to learn some French, so these are the beginning steps to that.  But, oh my, the pronunciations;  It’s quite different than Spanish where you say everything exactly as it looks!  However, learning new languages really excites me, so I’m glad to be challenged.

So, onto the outfit.  Doesn’t this little spot maybe look like it could be a little alley in France? (ok, ok , so it’s a stretch…)

This is my new favorite shirt.  Yes, it has little cats printed on it.  I couldn’t be more in love.

outfit details:
shirt- Sugarlips Apparel
belt and skirt- thrifted
shoes- flea market find

why don’t we go
to the slopes
where the silence and the gin it paints the future as a joke
it would be so romantic

but in the morning you will move in like a stranger waking up
and your speaking like an adult, i don’t want to interrupt
so im cautious and im civil as the ache is welling up
so im cautious and im civil as the ache is welling up
-ski lift


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