who’s feeling young now? :: outfit post

This lovely mural is painted on a building in downtown Lafayette.  There are tons of painted buildings downtown and I would love to get photos in front of all of them (new outfit post challenge?).  One of the fun things about taking photos in a downtown area is that people walk by quite frequently.  This particular time, one person stared for a second, then said “Cool.” at me taking photos of myself.  Maybe people are a little more accepting than I thought…

Speaking of accepting weird things, yes, my head is partially buzzed.  You see, I’m trying to grow out my hair and it’s killing me just a bit.  So, to curb my impulses to chop all of my hair off, I just decided to shave part of it.   Seems logical, right?  Regardless, I like it a lot.  Plus, if I feel like being “normal”, I can just part my hair down the middle like I usually do.

Now that it’s consistently warmer outside, taking outfit photos is pleasant again.  So, that’s really good news.  Maybe even more than one outfit post in a week?  We will just have to wait and see now won’t we?

outfit details:
shirt, shorts, belt, shoes – thrifted
leggings, socks, sweater – target (or something like that)
necklace – handmade from Renegade Craft Fair

I wasn’t tired
I’m never tired
Youth will not be wasted on this one
In a dark room
Another dark room
She said hey you’re gonna like this
It’s easy to like by candlelight if not under the sun
Who’s feeling young now?

-punch brothers

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