Meet Music Monday :: Punch Brothers

Because I’m going to the Newport Folk Festival this summer, I decided that I should highlight some of the amazing talent that is going to be there.

You already know that I am in love with folk music, so it’s no surprise that I am swooned by the “progressive bluegrass” that is the Punch Brothers. Throw in a banjo, some fiddles, and some great harmonies and I’m hooked. But, this isn’t your traditional bluegrass, It’s taking the bluegrass roots and expanding on them (hence the ‘progressive’).

The Punch Brothers are a result of Nickel Creek’s breakup. Chris Thile, the mandolinist, started this band after Nickel Creek dissolved. I’m maybe not so happy that this happened, but at least some greatness came out of it.

And now, let’s have a listen.

From their 2010 album, Antifogmatic:

From their newest album, ‘Who’s Feeling Young Now’

Ok, so bluegrass Radiohead intro into a Gillian Welch tune. Who does that?!? So so amazing.


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