Meet Music Monday :: S. Carey

I may be a little bit over-obsessed with Bon Iver.  I literally listen to one of his album every day.  But, I figured it’s probably better not to obsess over him on the blog too much, so I want to share someone who is associated with him, who is also a phenomenal musician, and also a Wisconsin boy like Justin Vernon.

Sean Carey is most well known as Bon Iver’s dummer.  He heard that Justin Vernon was forming a band, Bon Iver, and learned all of the drum parts to ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ from listening to it on MySpace (classy).  Justin and Sean sang a couple songs together backstage one time and Justin immediately asked him to play with him.

But, he’s so much more than just Bon Iver’s drummer.  He has his own solo project, S. Carey.  It’s inspiring music.  It has an ambient and Sigur Ros aspect to it.  It’s great thinking music, easy to listen to.

Video for ‘In The Dirt’.  Lovely.


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