Wanderlust Wednesday :: North Island of New Zealand

Another place that has completely enchanted me: New Zealand.  I couldn’t just pick one place, so I decided to talk about a couple places on the North Island, which claims to have ‘a wonderful climate year round’.  Of course, I could get used to that.

First, let’s talk about Auckland.  It sits on a beautiful harbor, which gives the city a maritime feel.  But, it also boasts cobblestone plazas and is surrounded by a collection of little villages.  Ponsonby seems like one that I would love with its funky shops and cafes.  Parnell also seems lovely with it’s gardens and victorian charm.

Not far from Auckland, is the Awhitu Peninsula a wonderful mix of beaches, hiking, and lighthouses.  So charming and beautiful.

The nrothernmost point you can drive to on the North Island is Cape Reinga.  The Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea meet here and provide swirling currents.  No one actually lives here, there’s just camping sites and such, which would be so wonderfully peaceful.

And how could I talk about New Zealand without mentioning Lord of the Rings?  Hobbiton is on the North Island, which, of course, is the Shire set from the movies.  It’s in the rolling hills near Matamata.  I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to be walking through the Shire (although I would probably compare the magicalness of it to walking into Harry Potter world in Universal Studios, except better because it’s actually the real thing).

This is on top of my places to see in New Zealand. For sure.

I’m sure there are so many more wonderful places on the North Island, and I didn’t even get to the South Island either.  I guess I’ll just have to visit and see it all for myself.


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