Meet Music Monday :: Lana Del Rey

Yes, she got a lot of negative flack from her performance on SNL a bit ago.  But, hear me out, I’m going to defend her before I jump into her music.  She had never before performed for something so important.  I mean, her full length album wasn’t even out yet!  She had 2 singles, and that was it.  She was very inexperienced.  (Plus there’s a whole controversy about her previous name, Lizzy Grant, and her complete transformation into Lana Del Rey)

Everyone seems to hate her album, especially Spin, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone (particularly brutal).

But, I can’t help but like her.  Her sultry, raspy voice gets me every time.  I’m not going to lie I don’t love every song on the album, but there’s enough good on there to outweigh the bad for me.  She sounds a bit like Florence + The Machine.

Yes, some of her lyrics are ridiculous (“Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice” and “Money is the reason we exist / Everybody knows it / It’s a fact, kiss kiss.“) but we must push past those, okay?

Her music is old Hollywood glam mixed with modern day pop star.  Maybe she can’t decide and maybe that’s why people don’t like her.  It’s just interesting, and of course, I like that.  Say what you will and judge her all you want, but I will continue to defend her.


2 thoughts on “Meet Music Monday :: Lana Del Rey

  1. I was on the fence about her for quite a while – although now i’m ashamed to say that! I absolutely love her, even her crazy lyrics 🙂
    She said once in an interview somewhere that she was a ‘Gangsta Nancy Sinatra’ which I thought was very fitting!
    Favorite song is ‘Off to the races’! Love your blog 🙂

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