pennies & dimes:: outfit post

There is a gazebo in the town square of the town I grew up in.  I never really paid any attention to it until I moved away and realized that most towns do not have gazebos.  Maybe Chesterton was just a little bit special… or at least Gilmore Girls-esque (guilty pleasure).

Regardless, it was a great place to switch it up to take outfit photos.  I’ve gotten quite sick of the absolutely terrible “scenery” around the house I live in currently.  Plus, it’s so much fun to watch people gawk at me while I’m standing in the freezing cold in a dress posing for my own camera on a tripod.  I’ve gotten past feeling the awkwardness of it and now it just makes me laugh, and also realize just how much people really don’t understand me!

This is also the first dress I’ve ever gotten from Red Velvet 🙂  Hopefully I’ll get to visit the actual shop in Springfield, MO very soon!

outfit details: dress-Red Velvet tights-target shoes-thrifted

had to throw this one in here with my stank face! haha!

you could be my love
you could be my everything
you could be my doll
take me right under your wing
you’re so fine, you’re pennies and dimes
rolling into my heart
I really want to know what makes you start
-the vanderbuilts

2 thoughts on “pennies & dimes:: outfit post

  1. bahaha. stank face. love it. 🙂

    your comment about people not understanding you made me think of something our leader said at camp when i was a counselor in training — he compared Christianity (and really anything like this) to singing in the car and people looking at you weird…but it’s just that they can’t hear the music. 🙂 those people looking at you when you’re taking pictures just can’t hear the music! 🙂

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