Wanderlust Wednesday :: Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany

I’m almost half German.  But, let’s be honest, I am not really drawn to the country of Germany.  I’ve never had a desire to travel there.  So, why am I writing about it?  I think I want to change it.  And Rothenburg is definitely helping the case of Germany for me.

Rothenburg is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world.  It’s located in the Bavaria region of Germany, which is one of the oldest states of Europe.  There is not a single modern building in the whole town.  The city is still fortified with a wall for goodness sake.

I would be completely happy with just wandering around the cobblestone street and taking in the complete magic that I imagine surrounds the city.

The town do medieval reenactments of old legends in the town square.   One of the well known and highly regarded things to do there is ‘The Night Watchman’ tour.  The tour beings at dusk and is led by someone in full medieval character.  It covers the almost 1000 year history of the town.

Bah!  I just can’t take it!  It’s so wonderful.  Germany, here I come.


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