c’est pas une vie :: outfit post

(c’est pas une vie means ‘it isn’t a life’)

One of my gifts this Christmas was a 50mm lens for my camera! It’s been so fun playing around with it and I, of course, had to take my first outfit photos with it as soon as I could!

My parent’s house has an old red barn in the backyard, perfect for mixing up the outfit photo locations.

I found this darling vintage peach and lace dress in my sister’s drawer at my parent’s house. I usually don’t like full length dresses, but the length of this one seemed to fit my body shape pretty well. I am absolutely in love with it. I just need to find an occasion to wear it to!

dress: vintage thrifted//boots:vintage danexx//bag:ASOS

(little kitten peeking out from behind me!)

“Je m’amuse quand les autres s’ennuient
Tu me juges disant que c’est de la folie
Ton discours est chiant
Ta phrase pas finie
Que je suis déjà, déjà partie”
(I amuse myself when the others get bored
You judge me telling it is madness
Your speech is boring
Your sentence isn’t finished
When I am already, already gone)


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