making mirrors :: outfit post

I’d heading south to Nashville today!  Nashville definitely still holds a huge piece of my heart and it always feels like going home when I visit.  I can’t wait to see all of my friends and eat at all my favorite places!  I’m also bringing along 2 friends to share my deep love of this city.

It has been unseasonably warm during some parts of last month when I took these and it has been absolutely swell.  I can only hope that these stick and we never get the brunt of the coldness.

If there is one thing that I am sure of now, it’s that I DESPISE the cold weather.  The brutal freezing wind whipping at my body is just about the worst thing ever.  I had gotten so used to slightly milder winters without the bitterness of the freezing cold.  Give me summer over winter any day.

How many days until summer?

outfit details:
sweater, shirt, belt and shoes- thrifted
skirt and tights-target

Dreamt of a doorway
That opened to everything
And I’m reaching towards it
Drifting backwards

Drawing the curtains
Windows inside my head
Maybe I’m only making mirrors


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