Wanderlust Wednesday :: Šibenik, Croatia

Hrvatska. My homeland (kind of). I am half Croatian, which I consider to be the best half of me. My youngest sister traveled to Croatia this past summer and this was one of the towns she visited that caught my eye.

Šibenik is a little town halfway down the coast of Croatia. I feel like Croatia is highly underrated. There are beautiful beaches, wonderful people, and a unique version of the Eastern European culture.

Šibenik boasts the Cathedral of St. James, which is on UNSECO’s world heritage list and four different fortresses around the city that helped protect it during the Yugoslav wars (the result of which was Yugoslavia being split up into 9 countries).

(taken by my sister)

Just north of the city is the Krka National Park containing beautiful rivers and waterfalls.

The city streets are colorful wonderfully reminiscent of its rich, full heritage.

(both taken by my sister)

I have traveled to Bosnia before, which is kind of similar, but nothing really compared to the beauty of Croatia. I can’t wait to have the chance to visit a place that really means something to me.


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