24 before 25 & 24th birthday recap

As promised, I have finished by 24 before 25 list.  It was a little harder this year some reason, but I think all in all it encompasses a myriad of my goals for my 24th year of life.

And this also means that I have just had a birthday!  I turned 24 on February 5th.  And God smiled upon the weather for me! I think temperatures were in the high 40s, which just made the day even more special.  It was a wonderful day filled with brilliant friends.  I couldn’t ask for better people to be surrounded with.

I started off the morning baking blueberry scones, a brithday tradition I started last year with some friends.

Then, I headed to one of my favorite places in Lafayette, DT Kirbys, for lunch.  Don, the owner, let me come behind the bar and he treated me to some shots of Jameson (a personal favorite)

My best friend, Sara, invited us all over to her and her husband’s farmhouse out in the country to celebrate the afternoon away.  It was the perfect choice because their farmhouse is my favorite place around.  the following are a baby polaroid version of the day!

Blowing out the candles on my favorite, homemade red velvet cake

Friends are the greatest.

And because me friends are amazing, they all toasted to me

And what birthday isn’t complete without a barefoot race down a dirt road?

It was such a magical day and I couldn’t have ask for more.


5 thoughts on “24 before 25 & 24th birthday recap

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