Meet Music Monday :: Gotye

I first happened upon Gotye (“go-tee-yay”) after seeing the music video for his song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ with Kimbra (another fabulous artist).  It’s been love ever since.

He’s a Belgian-Australian musician that blends the catchiness of pop with experimental rock.  It sounds futuristic and retro at the same time pulling influences like 1980s pop music.  His most recent release, Making Mirrors  is a little more chill than the previous, Like Drawing Blood.  

I feel like I can dance to the songs of Like Drawing Blood (and I absolutely love that!) and listen to Making Mirrors when I’m feeling more introspective.

I like him because he’s unique and because he pulls inspiration from music that many people don’t.  He’s not trying to hard to be one thing or another.  I like that.

How brilliant is this music video?!


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