{the grand ole year that was 2011}

I truly believe that 2011 was the best year of my life to date.  No questions asked.  I had the opportunity to do so many things that I love.  I was spontaneous, I was bold, I was challenged.  I will always remember 2011, the 23rd year of my life.    Because I had such an influential personal year, I will share some of the highlights of each month with you.


January is usually one of my least favorite months, but not in 2011.  Two HUGE events stood out in January.  I rang in the New Year in Antigua, Guatemala and I took a spontaneous roadtrip with friends from Nashville to New York City.


I turned 23 years old at the beginning of the month.  I made a list of goals for my 23rd year of life, which have proved to be such a great motivator to me.  I also dyed some of my hair blue!


I started doing outfit posts this month and completely fell in love with them.  I went to Universal Studios to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  It was the most magical place (literally) I have ever been to.


I had a wonderful Easter holiday afternoon with friends. We grilled ham and pineapple on the grill and played yard games like croquette and bocce ball.  Also, I was featured on a fashion blog!


I traveled to Ireland by myself and absolutely fell in love with the country.


I was part of the making of a music video for a friend (and for my internship), Nikki Lane.  It was a really fun (but long) week of shooting.  I went cliff jumping from about 40 feet at a lake in Nashville.  I took a spontaneous road trip with one of my best friends to Savannah, GA.



I threw a lovely Harry Potter party with my roommates at out magical little house.  It was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.  I also hosted a house show for some friends at our house.


I graduated college (finally!) and got to spend time celebrating with family and friends.  I also said goodbye to a city I had grown to truly love.  But, I started my new job at Greyhouse Coffee as an intern. I also got my newest tattoo (a world map)


I went to Chicago to go to Renegade Craft Fair and got to visit the Red Velvet booth, although I didn’t talk with Elsie or Emma…  We had a huge street festival outside of Greyhouse called Starry Night. Some of my dear friends had a lovely little gathering called Tip Top Tap.


This was wedding month!  I went to 2 dear friends’ weddings.  They were both completely darling in their own way.   A friend held a rooftop concert on her rooftop porch of course!  I went to a classic Indiana corn maze and had a crazy time.


Became obsessed with Mad Man. Took a day trip to Chicago just to galavant around the city.  I also got to spend time with friends I don’t get to see very often in a cute little Michigan town, Hillsdale.


I went to one of the greatest musical experiences of my life: a Bon Iver concert.  I “went home” and visited all of my dear friends in Nashville.  I also went on a little day trip to Grand Rapids, MI to discover and explore (the coffee!) another city.

It’s fun to look back isn’t it?

What are some of the best moments of 2011 for you?

live what you love.


3 thoughts on “{the grand ole year that was 2011}

  1. I forgot to see your tattoo when you came home! boo! I kind of forgot you had a new one since it’s not always visible! (Yes, I will insist on calling Nashville your home. 🙂 )

    ALSO we didn’t take a picture of us. failfailfail. oh well. next time!

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