the world in 2011.

It is insane how much emotion that just a photograph can portray. Just the simple juxtaposition of objects or the quick-firing finger of a photographer can speak volumes to the rest of the world.

People of all cultures and languages can understand a photograph.  Nothing is lost in translation because there is no need for it.

BuzzFeed recently released an article called ‘The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011’.  Be warned: you might be moved to tears.  What really irks me is that I didn’t even remember hearing about some of the catastrophes that were included, such as the Oslo bombing and the volcano in Chile and the earthquake in New Zealand.  I know that it’s mostly my fault (not keeping up with international news) but it just makes me even more frustrated that try as I might, I still fall way short at knowing what goes on in the world.  (Maybe that will be an attainable goal for the new year)

What also strikes me is the amount of devastation that one year can bring.  A year is just a blip on the radar when you think about how many years there have been since the creation of our earth.  It’s heartbreaking.  Earthquakes.  Tsunamis.  Riots.  Corrupt leaders.  Social Justice.  Our world is terribly fallen.

What brings me hope is that out of this devastation, people are brought together.  Communities, nations and cultures are brought together to overcome and bring joy in a dark time.  We are at our weakest point when we are divided, but strength is found in togetherness.  We really aren’t so different after all.  We all laugh, cry, smile, and mourn the same language, which is why either really terrible or really amazing things are what brings the world together.

image via buzzfeed


live what you love.


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