the serious & the (not so) serious

Lately, Twitter has been good to me.

I must follow really great people or something because I found 2 links that I am absolutely in love with.  One on the more serious side, one that is for fun (but is still very dear to my heart).

First, the serious one.  It really hits home with what I wrote about yesterday.  The article is from RELEVANT magazine and it’s titled 11 things to know at 25(ish). I think that at this point in our lives, people my age are in this weird transition of letting go of our childhood and becoming a “real adult” (whatever that means).  I think it’s also really easy to get lost in this transition, to lose yourself or become apathetic towards things we used to once care about because we are just stuck at this point in out life.

Here’s the 11 things that the articles mentions, but you should really read the entire thing… it’s great.

Second, my slight obsession with Hanson started at an early age.  The very first cassette tape I ever owned just for me was Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere.  It stuck a chord from deep within and they have been with me ever since (except for a brief stint in high school when I believed myself to be too cool for them.  It was a sad time).








1997                                              Now… not too shabby

For those of you who don’t know, Hanson did not fall off the face of the earth like many other boy bands.  They have continued to make music and records until this day releasing full length albums in 1997, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2007, and 2010.

I also did a persuasive speech in college about why Hanson is a legitimate band.  Yes, I was THAT girl.

Anyways, off of my high horse about Hanson, the article I found today was that Hanson is going to be brewing their own beer!!  It’s going to be an IPA called MmmHop.  (Yes, they went there)  IPA’s aren’t my favorite style of beer, but I will just have to sacrifice for those lovely brothers.

It’s brilliant because most of their fans are of the drinking age now, so it’s the perfect timing by them.  Those smart little guys…

live what you love.

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