i am young // outfit post

Finally an outfit post!

It’s getting colder out and I’m trying to brainstorm ways to take outfit photos throughout the winter months… it should be interesting.  I’ve already been lacking in the outfit post department and for that I am sorry!  I guess I haven’t been very motivated to get out and take photos.  The area right outside my house is not very pretty and I’m already sick of taking outfit photos there (even though I’ve only done like 4).

Today’s post and song title comes from the band Coconut Records.  It’s a project by the actor Jason Schwartzman and it’s fabulous.  I just heard about them a couple weeks ago and I instantly fell in love.  It’s happy, sad, poppy, and indie all at the same time.  It’s genuine and, to me, that’s what makes great music; when I can tell the artist is genuine.

outfit details – top, skirt (altered from this dress), belt::thrifted // boots::Candies

i am young but not for long
i dont know how long im gone
pick me up, take me back, put me down
i am old but not for long
you told me just sail it home
pick me up, take me back, put me down
pick me up, bring me back, and turn me around
-coconut records

live what you love.


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