pan am // halloween outfit post

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a couple years.  Last year, my dear friend Laura got married on October 30, so I was doing wedding stuff and the year before that, I just wasn’t feeling it, and the year before that, I didn’t even try (I was a little kid… yeah not very creative).  So, this year, some of my friends had a lovely little gathering and I wanted to make a great little costume.

It’s no secret that I am in love with vintage, especially that of the 50s-60s era.  I kind of already dress like the women from Mad Men with my vintage dresses (here and here) so that wasn’t really a “costume” for me.  But, the newest “vintage” show, Pan Am, is also lovely, so I decided to be a Pan Am stewardess.  I found the perfect 2 piece outfit and bag at Goodwill.  I had to severely alter the jacket and paint the Pan Am symbol on the bag, but it was totally worth it!  I already had the hat and shoes, so it was a pretty inexpensive costume.  I pin rolled my hair, wore thick eyeliner and bright red lipstick.  My friend Ali made me the wings to complete the look!

I also won the little costume contest and got a pumpkin trophy 🙂

Some lovely friends

It’s so fun to dress up sometimes 🙂

live what you love.


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