sew something fabulous // handmade outfit post

So, one of my 23 before 24 goals was to sew something fabulous.  I don’t quite know if this dress is fabulous, but I did make it all myself from start to finish (with a pattern of course).  I started off easy because I knew I would get frustrated very quickly if I didn’t.  I am actually really happy with how the dress turned out!

Sewing is something I promised myself I would get back into when I had more time. I don’t quite know if I have more time now than I did before, but now I am making time for sewing.  It’s actually therapeutic for me.  It calms my mind.  Next step: create my own dress without a pattern… we’ll see how that goes.

outfit-  dress:handmade // belt: thrifted // shoes: apt. 9

I even got to play with the leaves for a bit…

save me from myself

live what you love.

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