10 things that are making me terribly happy (as of late)

Inspired by Naomi’s post from Rockstar Diaries , I want to share a couple things that are making me oh so happy.  Right now, there is SO MUCH in my life to be thankful for and I just thought I would whip up a few things to share (in no particular order)

1.  The very beginnings of the crisp fall air and the hint of the leaves changing.

2. Natural Panama Elida Estate coffee that we have at Greyhouse from our coffee roaster PT’s (tastes like strawberries… enough said)

3. My very best friend (sara december rose) is getting married in a month on her (soon to be) farm.  I am beyond happy for her.  It’s going to be so magical.

4.  The wonderful, amazing community that I feel in this little Indiana town.

5.  Homemade soup season is here!

6. Caramel apple cider.

7.  Those days when you go into Goodwill and find so many gems hiding in the racks

8.  Walking… especially across the pedestrian bridge to Lafayette.

9.  DT Kirby’s (Chicago themed bar in downtown Lafayette) and Goose Island’s 312 beer.

10.  Kinfolk Magazine.


I encourage you folks to write down or at least think about some things that make you happy today.  It really puts a spin on your attitude and makes you think of all of the things that matter in your life 🙂


live what you love


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