sewing and such.

I’ve finally begun using my new/old sewing machine!  You see, I used to have a sewing machine and it was a very terrible one.  When I mentioned this to my mom (who is an expert at sewing), she, of course, had an extra vintage sewing machine just lying around at home.  It is a 1970s Singer and it still works so perfectly.

I seem to have settled into my life here a little and have finally had time to fix up some pieces and make new things out of old things!  It makes me so very happy to be doing this again and I hope that it motivates me to start making some more of my own clothes.

I finally altered the red dress on the far right so that it would fit me.  I bought it this summer thrifting and it was a bit big, but I could not pass it up.  Now, it’s finally wearable.  I bought the red flowered dress a couple weeks ago and decided I would like it better as a shirt and a skirt to wear separately.  The green and blue dresses just needed simple alterations.  It feels so great to be back sewing again.  Here’s to keeping it going…

live what you love.


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