crawling towards the sun // outfit post

Sometimes, I put clothes on, step into the mirror, and have no idea where the idea or inspiration comes from.  Today, Ikinda felt like a cowgirl… Who knows…

Also, I love walking Purdue’s campus when there are a bunch of students out everywhere… because I get stared at. Hard core.  In Nashville, no one gave a second look.  Most everyone has their own unique sense of style and people don’t stick out as much.  But, I stick out. I’m different and you bet your bottom dollar that people in the middle of nowhere Indiana notice that.  It makes me feel a little weird, but I like the way I dress and am pretty confident in my style (even though it took FOREVER to feel that way).  Oh, Indiana, how I love you…

outfit details- shirt and scarf::thrifted // jeans::forever 21 // shoes::vintage danexx


One night I fell asleep and woke up on that sunny street
At first I thought I couldn’t but now I see

That the shadows kept me hidden
From the light that calls my name
All the creatures stood above me
Now I’m crawling towards the sun

-the hush sound


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