ease your feet into the sea // outfit post

It’s been quite rainy around these parts. But thankfully, that has brought cooler weather, so I’ll take it.  The weather as of late has reminded me of Ireland, which only makes my heart long so much more for that beautiful country.  There’s a magical Irish pub here in West Lafayette and they do such a brilliant job staying true to the Irish feel.  It makes me want to spend hours there just reminiscing.

Even though I’m graduated, the beginning of the school year still makes me think about back to school outfits and shopping.  It’s weird to totally grasp that I am done with school when everyone around me is consumed with classes and the like.  It is quite wonderful though, to spend my time outside of work doing things that I love, like this blog!

Also, I get to go to Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park (in Chicago) tomorrow!  I am so so excited because there are some bloggers that I follow that are going to be there!  Plus, I get to go with sara december rose!

My outfit today is inspired by first days of school, even if I won’t have another until I (perhaps) have kids of my own.

outfit: shirt + belt + bowling shoes – thrifted, jacket – urban outfitters, shorts – h&m

Ease you’re feet off in the sea
My darling it’s the place to be
Take your shoes off curl your toes
I will frame this moment in time
Troubles come and troubles go
The trouble that we used to know
Will stay with us ’til we get old
Will stay with us ’til somebody decides to go

-belle & sebastian

live what you love.


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