coffee + community

As you might know, after graduating college a few weeks ago, I started back at a coffee shop I used to work at called Greyhouse Coffee.  I am a full time intern there helping out with whatever I can.  Coffee has become a huge part of my life and I wanted to share a little bit why.


At first glance, coffee is just a drink, a drink that helps people stay awake.  But, when you start searching, you realize that coffee is something that brings people together and fosters relationships.  Whether it’s getting together with a friend or traveling thousands of miles to begin relationships with the very farmers that pick the coffee, people are being brought together.

When I traveled to Guatemala, I finally realized how these relationships cross countries and how we support each other.  We worked with a co-op of farmers from small coffee farms just outside of Antigua.  It was amazing to see how the farmers are working together to harvest coffee.  They want to learn how to make their coffee better so that they can continue to sell it for higher prices and make a living.

We were instantly brought into this community.  By working alongside them and starting to understand their side of things, we were brought into a special relationship with them.  It’s something that changed my perspective of coffee forever.  It made me realize that the coffee business is something I believe in.  If done right, it helps so many people live a better life.

This type of coffee community connects people’s lives from all over the world.  It’s why I believe in it.

live what you love.

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