autumn falling // outfit post

I know you have probably heard this so much over the past day or 2… but it feel as if fall has finally arrived!  It has been such nice weather that I can barely stand it!

Last night, I was wrapped in a blanket sitting outside listening to some friends play some tunes and it was so wonderful.  The cool breeze would brush my face every once in a while and the crisp air is finally upon us.  It’s one of those times where I wished I could bottle the feeling and keep it forever.

There’s nothing quite like an Indiana autumn.  Yes, overall, I usually don’t prefer the crazy Indiana weather and would much rather be somewhere where the weather is more agreeable.  But, for about 4 weeks, Indiana weather is perfect.  It’s one thing that I have been looking forward to when I moved back here.  I can’t wait until I start doing lovely Autumn activities.

So, today’s outfit, inspired by fall.  Earthy tones and knee high socks.  My heart couldn’t be happier.

shirt: h&m // skirt: american apparel // shoes + socks: thrifted

Oh, if I knock on your door would you let me in?
Do you know any more than I do?
Keep on wonderin’ about you
Even if you don’t want me to
The girl you once knew
Is the person we are
And I believe it was you
Who I wanted to be walking next to

-“autumn falling” Jaymay

live what you love.


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