i like your sundress // outfit post

The heat has struck again.  When will Autumn finally be here??  Although, I really did enjoy the summer heat.  But, I think it’s just too much of a good thing, right?

My schedule is a lot different now than from the past couple years.  I work different hours everyday (mostly later in the day) and I’m not forced to wake up in the morning because I don’t have to be anywhere.  And, when I don’t have to be anywhere in the mornings, I have no motivation to actually wake up.  So. my goal for the next couple months is to wake up in the mornings and get some “me” time, just to journal or read or whatever.  So, keep me accountable k?

Alright, another find from lovely Goodwill this summery sundress (and corresponding lyrics from Ben Kweller of course).  I love the color red and don’t nearly wear it enough.  It’s such a lovely bright and bold color.  I also got a new purse from ASOS.  I actually spent money on something (woah, I know) but I’m hoping it will last me because it’s leather and wonderful.

outfit: dress and belt: thrifted // shoes: flea market // purse: ASOS

I also got some home try on pairs of new glasses from Warby Parker. I’m trying these on today and I think they are my favorite of the pairs I got.  What do you think??

Everybody’s trying to be the best
What about the girl with loneliness
I like your sundress
I like your sundress
What about the girl with loneliness
From the inside out
You’re so beautiful

-ben kweller “sundress”

live what you love.


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