on decorating my room.

One of the things that is wonderful about moving and/or changing rooms is the chance to redecorate your space.  Each time I’ve moved, the design in my room has changed at least some (and hopefully gotten a little more mature).  Just like this blog, my room is an extension of myself and the things that I love.  I have little patches of my walls dedicated to things that make me happy everyday.

I think it’s so important for the space you live in to reflect yourself.  It’s something I can’t wait to do to a whole house when I finally own one myself.  Every space that I’ve lived so far hasn’t really been “mine” to decorate.  Of course, I have helped some and contributed my piece, but it’s not fully me.  My room is my little escape to myself. And I love it.

“Travel” section

(framed travel quote, a framed photo from my bestest (saradecemberrose), and instax photos of places i’ve traveled)


Camera + Photo section

(random array of film photos and some fun paper goods and my collection of film cameras)


“Coffee” section

(Greyhouse coasters, vintage-y sign, Guatemala heart frame, mounted portafilter signed by friends!)


Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my room and (hopefully) are feeling inspired!

live what you love.


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