scenic world // outfit post

Yes, outfit posts 2 days in a row… crazy right?  I’m trying to budget my time better so I have time to do all the things I love.  Today, I’m going to look at bicycles.  I’ve wanted a good road bike for a while and living basically on a college campus means that most places are a bike ride away!  It’s one of the things I have missed about living in a college town.  I’ve barely used any gas in the 2.5 weeks I have been here and it’s been grand.

Yesterday was one of the Goodwill days that I walked away with so many wonderful things (I may have bought a connected pantsuit).  Another good thing about living in a small town with basically no fashion sense is that no onw has ravaged the Goodwills for all the good things.  Barely anyone here wears vintage or thrifted things, whereas in Nashville, it seemed like everyone was trying to out-vintage each other.  So, win for Indiana Goodwills.

Today’s outfit was all thrifted from Goodwill! (top, skirt, belt, shoes) Also photos are blurry today because I was in a hurry and didn’t focus properly, then didn’t realize it until afterwards 😦

when I feel alive 
I try to imagine a careless life 
a scenic world where the sunsets are all 

live what you love.


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