close your eyes and rewind :: outfit post

I can’t believe it is almost September already.  I feel like just a few days ago, I was saying that I couldn’t believe it was already August!  Sometimes it scares me how fast life goes by.  I will never have another August 29, 2011.  What have I done today that is worth remembering, that makes is different than any other day that I have lived.  When I start thinking this way, my attitude starts to changes.  I enjoy my time and don’t care so much about the silly little things that annoy me everyday.  (And working in the coffee shop business, you get a lot of annoyances…)  It makes life a little easier to enjoy.

So that’s my challenge, enjoy life. Simple, right?

And now outfit time.  A mix of flowers and outlaw… what could be better? Also, the song and band of today is Kopecky Family Band… one of my Nashville favorites!  They’re pretty fantastic.

Outfit details: dress + shoes: target // scarf + belt: thrifted



Take a load off

Turn the light off

Close your eyes and rewind

It’s better when you like what you’re leaving out

Heads roll at the sound of your perfection

I want you to give me your attention

Past due are the truths you failed to mention

Return to the opposite direction

-Kopecky Family Band

live what you love.


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