chicwish wishlist.

I’m searching for a new bag online (I don’t think I have ever bought a proper nice one) and of course, my eyes have strayed to the pretty dresses and jewelry.  Since it’s the middle of August, I can’t help but start thinking about Autumn and all of the lovely colors and patterns in clothing that comes along with it.  I basically fell in love with this dress.  S0, so perfect for fall.

My Dear Autumn Tiered Dress


Beloved Peter Pan Ribbons Chiffon Dress

Love Diary Hand-knit Flower Necklace

Maybe my wishes will come true…

live what you love.


One thought on “chicwish wishlist.

  1. Hey Jess! Welcome back to Lafayette!!
    Sooooo, you’re looking for a bag?….If you have a favorite fabric, be it already made into something but you’re willing to repurpose into another something, I could make it into a custom bag for you! Tell me what you want in a bag, what your needs are (pockets, closures etc) and I can quote you a price!
    Let me know if you’re interested!

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