life update: on moving and indiana.

Yes, I have been M.I.A. the past couple days (and no not the female rapper although that would be quite amazing…).  It’s been such a crazy time!  I graduated from college on Friday night, spent the evening with lovely family and friends, then packed up and moved out of my Nashville house on Saturday morning, drove up to West Lafayette, IN, unpacked all of my stuff, then went to see a movie.  Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were just as busy, catching up with friends old and new.  I feel like I haven’t even had a chance to breathe, but it’s been amazing.  I absolutely love being busy.  I actually feel like I’m more stressed out when I’m not busy because I feel like I should be doing something!  It’s a blessing and a curse all in one.

A little photo journey through my last couple days…

Friends 🙂

Parents. (Don’t really know what kind of face my dad is making…)

Dinner at Jackson’s

Looking back on Nashville 😦

West Lafayette – new/old home

Get to work with these lovely people for the next two years!! 🙂

Sunset at Lake Michigan… you can see Chicago!

blog love in the sand.

Shooting various vegetable (corn, cucumbers, potatoes) out of a PVC gun. Welcome back to Indiana.

live what you love (no matter where you are).


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