chattanooga :: a getaway

This past Saturday, my roommates and I had a little getaway to Chattanooga.  It’s the perfect distance away from Nashville (2 hours) and it was lovely to spend some time away with them before I leave.

Chattanooga is beautiful little city and has a lot more character than I thought.  There’s a couple little districts of the city that are so wonderful and each have their own character.  The Tennessee River runs right through town and there’s bridges (even a walking one) connecting the 2 halves of the city.  To my surprise, there was actually a lot of diversity in this little city and it charmed me even more.

It’s just the perfect little city for a day getaway.  Plus, we saw the most brilliant sunset on the drive back home.

Rain on the ride.

Chacos + Lookout Mountain


Walking bridge.

Boat hotel.

Art district.


Roommates + friends

Hollow building.

Chattanooga Choo Choo

The biggest I have ever seen the sun

The most beautiful sunset I have ever laid eyes on.

Live what you love.


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