dark turn of mind // outfit post

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been titling outfit posts with song lyrics. (Today is a tune from Gillian Welch) Music is such a huge part of my life (even though I’m not a musician myself).  It’s basically the reason I moved to Nashville and studied music business.

There’s just something that a song can say that words alone can’t.  Something that hits your soul deep down.

One thing I’ve learned from living in Music City, USA is that the music business can be rough. And messy. And challenging.  I still am in love with music, but I just have to re-evaluate why I studied music business in the first place. Nashville has forced me to dig deep into why I fell in love with music in the first place, why it’s so addicting and entrancing.  I don’t know if I have an answer, but I know that music will always and forever be a part of my life.

Now, outfit time!  Pretty flowered top paired with some more of my high waisted cut offs 🙂 Ahhh summertime.

And yet again, every piece of this outfit was thrifted, mostly from Goodwill or other random thrift stores in Nashville.

Can you see all of my mosquito bites?? It was a jungle out in my backyard.

Now I see the bones in the river 
And I feel the wind through the pine 
And I hear the shadows a-calling 
To a girl with a dark turn of mind 

But oh ain’t the nighttime so lovely to see? 
Don’t all the nightbirds sing sweetly? 
You’ll never know how happy I’ll be 
When the sun’s going down 

-gillian welch “dark turn of mind”

live what you love.


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