welcome to our wizarding world of harry potter…

On Sunday, July 31st, on Harry’s birthday, we had the most wonderful Harry Potter party at my house.  My roommate and I spent about 3-4 weeks planning and creating for this wonderful occasion.  (It’s actually one of my 23 before 24, to host a magical party!)

We tried to go as “all out” as possible without getting ridiculous.  We handmade almost everything and made many trips to Goodwill for other decorations.  So, for the quality of the party, I think we did a very good job money wise.

With the last movie just out a few weeks ago, we were all feeling nostalgic about Harry Potter and it seemed like the perfect time to have a Harry Potter themed party.  Not to mention that our house is perfect for this type of party.  It’s older and has all wood floors, so it fit well with the Harry Potter theme.

It was such a crazy fun experience and I would definitely do it all over again!

*Warning… very image heavy…. but that’s good right?!*

Platform 9 3/4 complete with the brick wall to run through

Luggage at Hogsmeade Station

Hedwig – paper mached by my roommate Christy!

Fireplace (with Sirius’ face in the fire) and wands and the Nimbus 2000.


Whomping Willow

Great Hall

Pumpkin pasties, Harry’s cake, “Hippogriff talons” and “fried dragon skins”

Hagrid’s cake for Harry’s birthday

Potions and Butterbeer

Butterbeer (top) – from the party

Butterbeer (bottom) – from Harry Potter World

I think we did a pretty good job 🙂

Sorting Hat

Mixture of some classrooms

Transfiguration chalkboard


Random desk: quills, parchment, books, page from Tom Riddle’s diary, gillyweed, pensieve

Dementors “guarding” the rest of the house which remained muggle-like

Thanks to all friends, old and new, that came to our celebration!  It was a complete success!  Hope you all have enjoyed the little photo journey through my party!

I’ll close with a quote from Albus Dumbledore…

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” 

live what you love.


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