we’re just kids on the run // outfit post

I know you are probably sick of hearing how busy I am, but I have to have some excuse for not posting as much as I would like to.  It will all be over so soon though and hopefully I can get back to posting regularly.  I’m going to try a little harder this week to post.

Also, a tip, don’t take outfit photos at 9;30am in your backyard because your legs will get violently attacked by mosquitos.  But, then I put lemon juice on them and they went down within 10 minutes (lemons have anti-inflammatory properties!). Yay for home remedies.

Alright, on to the good stuff.

I might have mentioned by FAVORITE antique store in the town I grew up in, and if not, it’s called Yesterday’s Treasure and it’s huge and wonderful and has so many things.  There’s a whole section upstairs that has so many vintage clothes and I love getting lost in them.  I got everything that I’m wearing here (minus the belt) from there… and I’m pretty sure everything together was about $8.  So wonderful.

hat, dress, shoes: Vintage from Yesterday’s Treasures, belt: thrifted from Goodwill


Oh meet me when the morning fails on the fields of desire
Oh meet me when I lost my part in the choir of dusk
Where the promise to lead what is right
As we both know how fields will turn white
-tallest man on earth

live what you love.


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