lovely little house show.

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting friends from West Lafayette, IN who were traveling around playing shows in the southeast.  They asked if they could play a show at my house and, of course, I agreed.  John Davey and the combo of Gordon Wantuch/Garrett Ney along with Judah Magnolia (aka my friends Kenny, Michael, and Ben) from here in Nashville. It was a lovely night of good music and good friends.  It was neat to see a house in my room transform into a little stage.

Listen to their music!

John Davey




Judah Magnolia


John also has a tour blog where you can hear about the whole little tour he’s been doing!

Now, these photos were mildly terrible because the lighting was not ideal and I didn’t want to use my harsh flash (and don’t have a diffuser quite yet), so I just put either a sepia or black and white tone on them and they turned out a little better 🙂

Garrett and Gordon

Through the doorway

John Davey


Judah Magnolia

Other trio.

I just thought this was a precious photo…

Thanks friends for making it such a great night, friends.  You all mean so much to me.

live what you love.


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