savannah :: a (quick) roadtrip

I have had the most exhausting week but it has probably been one of the most magical weeks of the year.  Still a week later, I am wiped.  This is mostly in part because I traveled to Savannah, GA (8 hours away) for a day trip.  Yes, that was completely insane, but you only live once.  It is also on my 23 before 24 list! I’m working really hard to be able to complete as many things as I can on it!

Here is some of what I wrote in my journal about Savannah (warning… this is a peak into my crazy head haha)

This city does something to me. It’s so magical and hazy and mysterious.  It’s confusing me and entrancing me at the same time.  What am I supposed to learn from you Savannah?  I feel like this (very) spontaneous trip taught me a little about living free, truly free of myself.  The people here are genuine and true, so kind.  They are just so excited to share their lives and their stories.  The inspire me to be my truer self.  I feel like Savannah is a bit like me. It doesn’t try to hard.  It just is.  In all of it’s glory, yet not expecting anything from itself.  It’s genuine and carefree.  Everyone here loves life.  No matter what you look like or what you’re doing, everybody wants to talk to you and share in a little piece of your life in some way.  I also want to be in people’s lives.  NO matter how small the part.  I want to experience as many people as I can and hopefully I’ll affect them as well.  It’s so good to get out of the mindset that I’ve stayed in for far to long.  To experience different people and places is to live, to open yourself up to new ideas and mindsets so the next time you get away, your mind will be even more open.  How completely wonderful.

Here are some photos of this lovely little hallow.

Walk out into the sultry evening
Cotton breathing when the sea winds
Brush the hair down around your neck
You hold my hand like it’s the first time
And all the feelings that our hearts find
Will be just what we expect

live what you love.

lyrics: “Savannah” Relient K (yeah yeah I know…)


2 thoughts on “savannah :: a (quick) roadtrip

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