school teachin’ flight attendant // outfit post

Wow, less than 8 weeks until I graduate college.  I can’t even believe that school is almost over forever.  It feels really surreal.  But, until then, I have quite the busy summer between my internship, a class, and a part-time job.  Just want to make it through in one piece!

Also, in other news, I will most likely be making a spontaneous trip today and tomorrow 🙂

When I wore this outfit the other day, I got called both a school teacher and a flight attendant but I guess I can see why…

Peering over my glasses like a mean school teacher…

Pointing to the exits in true flight attendant fashion.

new rings – flowers and birds!

dress – altered thrifted // scarf – thrifted // belt – thrifted // shoes – somewhere random in FL // rings, forever 21

live what you love.


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