Be you // a quick note of inspiration from a favorite blogger

Something I am very passionate about is being the individual that you were created to be.  I spent way too many years of my life trying to “fit in” and suppress things that would make me different.  All I wanted was acceptance, so I sacrificed my individuality.  When I finally got out of my small hometown and moved away to college (then Nashville), I realized that I was completely crazy for all those years.  Ever since, I have been striving to simply be myself, nothing more or nothing less.

With that being said, Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky posted something this morning that really resonated with me.  She titled the post, “The infinite variety of individuals” and talks about how you can’t put any one kind of girl into a box.  It was a rebuttal to another post by Julie Klausner that used her photo in it.

It puts into words what I can’t all the time.  You should all read Elizabeth’s post because I think it’s something everyone should hear.  Be confident in yourself and who you are and don’t EVER change yourself for anyone.  It’s taken me 23 years to figure it out and I don’t even think I’m halfway there yet.

I can be who I want to be…

Don’t put me in a box.


live what you love.

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