summertime shandy // a delightful drink

I wanted to share with you a drink that is perfectly summer!

For me, beer on a hot summer day is just wonderful and when you add some lemonade (especially the sparkling kind!) it makes it even better.

I used Blue Moon’s summer wheat beer and San Pelligrino Limonata, which is a fizzy lemonade type drink.

Just pour half lemonade and half beer into any sized glass and there you have it!  So simple and so delicious! Drink up!

Also, just wanted to share the dinner I had with this last night: homemade black bean burger with roasted broccoli!

Yay summertime.  It’s so magical.

P.S. You may also have noticed that the bog is a little different!  Just constantly trying to make it better!  Let me know what you think!

live what you love.

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