chesterton, indiana :: my hometown

I went home this past weekend after about 6 months away.  I never realized how cute my little hometown is until I left when I graduated high school. It’s a small town in northwest Indiana.  There’s nothing too special about it but it’s where I grew up for 18 years of my life.

Every Saturday in the summer, my town hosts the European Market.  It’s basically like a farmer’s market, but there’s different kinds of booths with handmade things also.  There’s a great bakery that comes and I basically wanted to get everything from it.

There’s also the most precious little cafe called Red Cup.  It’s been there for quite a while but it recently moved to the town square.  It has a great little deli and fresh sandwiches and salads (although the coffee is pretty terrible…).  It also looks so European, which made me miss Ireland even more!

So, there’s a small glimpse into my little hometown 🙂

live what you love.


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