travelin’ outfits // a modified outfit post

So, as you clearly know by now, I was recently in Ireland.  I also didn’t have the capability to post photos as I was going along (which was quite dreadful to me).  And, no, I still haven’t had time to upload any photos yet.  Life has been INSANE! But, I did get a chance to snap 2 “outfits”.

People definitely thought I was crazy when they would pass me and my camera was balancing in a tree or on a fence and I was posing in front of it.  So, maybe I am a little bit crazy.  But, it felt weird not taking outfit photos that whole time.

Now, these outfits aren’t really the norm.  I was basically backpacking across the country and hiking and walking a lot, so my usually outfits would just not be practical. So, here’s basically what I looked like every day…

Yup, bright red Northface jacket, a scarf, jeans, and chacos.  This is “camp” stylish… ha  And yes, I do have a fanny pack on, well sort of.  The great thing about my hiking backpack is that the top portion comes off into a fanny pack type of thing but its bigger and fits more things.  It was basically my life saver.

Now, this outfit was semi-real.  It was probably the most I looked like “myself” the whole time.  I probably wore that scarf every single day because it made me feel at least a little more like myself.  So, I got creative with different ways to wear it.  You’ll notice in this photo, it is tied like a tie… haha yes, I am ridiculous.

So, there’s a but more of a peek into my Ireland trip.  There will be many more posts scattered around the next few weeks with photos and (fingers crossed) all my photos uploaded to Facebook.

live what you love.

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