Ireland day 9: well, it’s been grand.

Today I said farewell to a wonderful country that I really will miss. I feel cheated that I only had such a short time here. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive to fly over here. I think that Ryan Air needs to have flights to America so I can get to Europe for like $100. Now that would be completely brilliant.

Anyways security was insane. It always is coming back to the states. I had to go through regular security then down to the US preclearance where I stood in line for almost an hour. Insane. Then we had to go through another security just in case someone got slipped a bomb in the first security line?? Regardless, I’m glad I got there in plenty of time. It’s dreadful that because we can’t trust just a few of the 6 billion people in this world, everyone has to be checked 73 times when you fly.

The flight seemed much longer on the way back. Even though it was in the middle of the day, I feel like I slept more this time. Figures. Also, I have been pleasantly surprised at airline food! For lunch, I had this pesto pasta and chick pea salad and then later on we got a caprese panini sandwich. Good job US Airways. Although it is awful having the middle seat both there and back because I have a terribly small bladder. And when the lady next to you is not very pleasant and hates getting up, it makes for a lot of holding it, which is pretty much the worst thing ever.

When I arrived in Philly, I did not want to spend my 5 hour layover sitting in an airport, even though I probably should have rested.  So, I got on a train to downtown Philadelphia and walked around for a bit.  I saw the Liberty Bell and Congress Hall and all the historical stuff.  It was nice to get to see another city in the U.S.  But, then a mild disaster struck.  My (US) phone was dead and the charger was in my checked baggage (well actually the charger was sitting at home but whatever).  But, I got onto the Internet and all was well.  But, then, I missed the train I was supposed to take back to the Airport. I was freaking standing at the wrong end of the platform. This is when I started sweating. Well, there was another one that left at 5:55.  But, my flight was supposed to leave at 6:55 and it was about a 30 minute train ride back. Yup, I was a little freaked out.  As soon as the train got in, I sprinted up to security. No line. YES! But, wait, my carry on has to be unpacked and checked? REALLY?!?! I made it through inter-freaking-national security.  I think that my bag is fine.  But, none the less they had to search it.  Just my luck.  Then, I sprinted down to me gate only to find it had been changed (BAH!) but thankfully only a couple down.  When I finally arrived at the gate, the flight was delayed about 20 minutes. Thank God. For real.  I was so close to being home, but then, it must have been rush hour on the runways because we had to wait 30 minutes before being cleared for take-off. (Now mind you, it’s about 7:45pm Eastern time and I have been up since 7am Dublin time, which is 2am Eastern time, so I am completely wrecked.)  I “slept” most of the flight home and thankfully my luggage made it through it all.  Then, I realized I didn’t have my phone charger even packed so I just had to hope that one of my roommates was going to be there.  I sweated it out for a bit, but there was Christy, coming out of the Airport looking for me.

As soon as I got home, 2 of my roommates’ Irish friends were there to greet me.  So, it just made it that much harder to be back in Cicada-filled Nashville.

The lesson today folks is, don’t stress out. Things will all work out!

Eire, you are dearly dearly missed already. I will return to your Emerald shores as soon as I can.

live what you love.

Also, disclaimer. Sorry for all the awful grammar on these posts, I’ve been typing them on my iPod touch and the autocorrect goes crazy. So, I am really sorry about that because it really bothers me…


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