Ireland day 7: is this real life?

Sorry loves… Couldn’t get this posted last night!

Ireland, I don’t think I want to leave you.

Last night, Geraldine and I just stayed in and watched House. It was really nice to just relax on the farm!

I finally feel like I caught up on some sleep. It was fabulous. I went into the city centre of Kilkenny and had a homemade scone and espresso for breakfast and it was quite delicious. Then, I got on BusEireann for the last time!!! And, of course, it took absolutely forever but once I arrived, it was grand.

I finally got to meet George. He was kind enough to meet me at the station and treat me to lunch. I seriously can’t express how much kindness I’ve been shown here.

We walked about the Temple bar area a bit and saw where one of the scenes from Once was filmed. I’ll spend a bit more time in town tomorrow too. We decided to try to brave the crowds to see Obama. But, it was extremely crowded and we decided our time would be better spent elsewhere. So, we took the DART down to Dun Lougherie and sat by the beach for a bit. Then, we went to a wonderful little pub to watch Obama’s speech, which was a lot more enjoyable than standing in the wind with thousands of other people. It was great being able to see how much the Irish people were excited for Obama. They were chanting his name and gave him a very warm Irish welcome. It actually made me kind of proud to be an American!

What a time to be in Ireland! Both the queen and our president were here during my stay here. Craziness…

I also got to spend some time with some of George’s friends for the night in their bible study. We read children’s books and talked about how it’s so easy to lose that childlike imagination and faith. I felt right at ease with all of them and was glad that I got to spend time meeting more people!

I can’t believe tomorrow is my last full day here. My time was much too short and I must return as soon as time allows. I’ll definitely be leaving a piece of my heart in Ireland.

Live what you love.


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