Ireland day 6: goodbyes and hellos

It was actually really hard to say goodbye to Cork and the guys this morning. I can’t even out into words the amazing hospitality and kindness I was shown by them. I don’t really know how to repay them only to say that hopefully they will come visit me in the states and I can do the same thing back for them.

Last night we just had a night in. We watched the first Harry Potter movie (or Larry Cotter according to Eoin… And his friend Jamaima (Hermione)). I also got a lesson in Irish politics and government from James and it was great. We just got to talking back and forth about differences and such. I absolutely love being educated about other places in the world and not being tied to an American bubble all the time. I think I’m just going to save up my money only for travels. It’s experiences that you really can’t get anywhere else.

It has been so grand traveling alone. I feel so much freer to do what I want and I also have gotten to be out with locals. I feel that when you travel with others, it’s a bit harder to experience the true side of the country. That’s why I believe so much in couch surfing. It really connects people from all over the world and makes cheap travel possible for poor students like myself.

Anyways, back to the travels…

I got the pleasure of hopping on the lovely Bus Eireann again today (not). Maybe the only thing I would do differently if I came with someone else is rent a cheap car because splitting the money would actually be cheaper for that and the buses take absolutely forever. So I had another 3 hour bus ride to Kilkenny today.

But, then I got to say hello to Geraldine, a friend of my roommates, who picked me up from the station. We walked around Kilkenny for a bit and I went to the castle there. It was such a beautiful one and it’s pretty well known. There was a huge lawn it front of it and a nice little walk around. It’s also a public park so there were a lot of people out and about there as well. Kilkenny is a smaller town but it still of course has character and charm! Geraldine lives on a farm just outside Kilkenny. She lives in an old converted barn and it is just about the most fabulous thing ever! She’s a wonderful host! I have my own little room and an actual bed (gasp!) and she’s cooking dinner for me. I’m sitting on the windowsill looking out the window basking in the sun as I write this! It is one of those moments that you wish you could bottle up and take out whenever you are feeling sad.

It was nice to have some relaxation the past day and to get ready for the wonderful city of Dublin tomorrow! Although I’m not too excited to get onto a bus again. I can do it though… It’s my last one!! Unfortunately that also means my time in Ireland is coming to a close and I am very NOT excited about that.

Live what you love.


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