Ireland day 5: rain and films

Cheers again loves. It was quite the rainy day in Cork today.

Last night we went to a couple pubs in Cork. They are just such a different atmosphere than ones on America. They don’t feel dirty or gross and they have so much character. We met a couple of friends of the people we are staying with and their siblings and such. It was a night of great conversation and getting to know people. The pub is just where I feel that you really begin to get to know someone. It just really enjoyed my time in them so far. I probably stayed out a bit too late but I just want to get the most out of my time here in Ireland.

So today, we all slept in a while. Colin made us some breakfast which was kind of like a tortilla espanola with eggs and veggies and the like. I feel so very spoiled by all the hospitality that I’ve been shown in Cork. It’s going to be sad to leave it all! I already decided to stay an extra night party because I like it here and partly because it worked better with the girl I am staying with in Kilkenny (my next stop). I’ll have one less day in Dublin but i think I’ll survive πŸ˜‰

So like I mentioned it was raining all day today so we spent most of it in watching ridiculous you tube videos and just talking. We finally decided to venture out and get pretty wet. We wet to the English market, which is one of the things that cork is known for. There is so much fresh fruit, veggies, meat, and fish there. I only wish our markets were like that.

After we returned and said goodbye to Lauren (the other couch surfer), we watched a movie, or excuse me a film here in Ireland. It was called Adam and Paul. It’s an indie Irish film about two junkies (homeless people) and just one day in their lives. It’s a darker comedy but it was really fantastic. There were some fabulous shots and camera work in the film classic of indie films. Even though we spent most of the day inside, I still feel like I got an Irish experience πŸ™‚

Off to a farm in Kilkenny tomorrow!

Live what you love


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