Ireland day 4: a village, a motorcycle, and a stone

I feel like I finally got some sleep last night. I feel a lot more comfortable in this house and like I said, it’s jut a lot nicer. Then, I had some Irish porridge for breakfast that Eoin made with fruit and jam mixed in so it was wonderful. I originally wanted to visit Dingle while I was here but I am so sick of the bus so I went to a village called Kinsale that’s only an hour from Cork. It’s a little coastal village and oh my it is so precious. I got fish and chips take away and ate it overlooking the bay. It was wonderful! It’s so hard to describe without pictures so just hold on until then!

Then I got back to the station and Eoin drove me up to Blarney because he was going up there anyways because that’s where he grew up. But, the best part about it was that the drive was on a motorcycle! Ahhh! It was wonderful and we took these Irish country roads back and saw some classic Irish scenery. It was probably one of my favorite moments so far!

So then, I went to the famous Blarney castle and the blarney stone. The castle was crazy old and awesome. Like I said before, it’s hard to explain without pictures. But I definitely laid down, leaned back and kissed that stone. They all say locals pee on it and well of that’s true, then I just put my lips on some pee… Whatever…

Another couch surfer, Laura, arrived this evening and she’s pretty cool as well. We all went shopping for dinner and the boys are hard at work cooking for us. These guys are just loads of fun. We will probably go out to some more traditional Irish pubs tonight! So fabulous!

Until tomorrow…

Live what you love.


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