Ireland day 3: the roads less traveled

Well besides getting awfully car sick on the incredibly curvy roads and almost slipping off a cliff while taking a photo for someone, I would say the cliffs of Moher were a success.

As some of you know, i can get really car sick when I’m not the driver especially when the roads are incredibly curvy and narrow which all the roads are like up to the cliffs. It was not a fun ride up at all but I held it together and didn’t throw up all over the place. Anyways, as soon as I got out into the fresh air, everything was fine. And golly the cliffs are amazing! It’s one of those things that pictures don’t do justice, like the grand canyon. I shot so many photos trying to capture the essence of the cliffs but it is just not the same.

Also today is a day mostly of travel, which means I got to carry my backpack around for most of the day. The 30 minute walk into town, up and down the cliffs, everywhere. So I’m pretty sure I’m going to have thighs and shoulders of steel. Who needs Jillian Michaels videos when i have hills and a full hiking backpack?

Anyways, after a quick bite to eat back in Galway, I hopped on another bus to Cork, which I almost missed. It’s quite a long ride from Galway to Cork and it was made even longer when our bus was having problems. So, we had to wait for another bus to pick us up to finish the trip. My stomach had already not been feeling well the whole day since the crazy trip in the morning so that definitely didn’t help. Traveling the whole day was definitely rough.

But, when I finally reached Cork at around 8:30, the day instantly got better! Eoin and his flatmates are so wonderful and their apartment is a lot closer (and nicer) to the city center than where I was in Galway. Right when I got there, he made me a bite to eat (broccoli! It’s like he knew that was my favorite!) and made me feel right at home. Then we went to a few pubs and I had some more Guinness (yay!) one of the pubs was a small older one with a lot of precious old Irish men and it was probably one of the greatest things ever! We had some great conversation and I really enjoy hanging out with the couch surfers so much! We got some great chips afterward to take back to the house an chatted some more. It truly was a great end to a kind of crazy and tiring day! Thanks for redeeming yourself, may 19!

Also, the Queen is going to be in Cork tomorrow!!!! Ahhh! How crazy is that? It’s going to be highly secured but I’m really hoping to catch a glimpse! Who knows it’s supposed to be pretty crazy tomorrow in the city centre. (also side note: Obama is going to be in Dublin on Sunday or Monday and I will definitely be on Dublin those days so who knows… Maybe I’ll get to see him too??)

Well here’s to the crazy ups and downs of today!

Live what you love.


2 thoughts on “Ireland day 3: the roads less traveled

  1. i SAW that about the queen and i think i even read somewhere about the president! i meant to write on your wall! πŸ™‚ go meet them for me!

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