Ireland day 2: a walking tour of galway

Last night I went my first Irish pub. Let me jut say that I can’t even explain to you how different and amazing the Guinness tastes from the crap we get in America. It was so smooth and creamy and quite wonderful. Anyways we had fun hanging around the pub and being some dancing fools out there. The pubs all look so cool and wooden and old on the inside. I wish more bars in America had character and just weren’t full of frat boys and stupid drunks. Anyways, it was a crazy long day when my head finally hit the pillow.

I kind of slept some of the day away and didn’t get out of the house till around 11 but at least I finally got some sleep. I finally ate out for the first time for lunch and got an amazing soup and sandwich for €5. My roommates have been telling me how the soup here is just different but better and they were so right! It was a great way to start off my food experience in Ireland. Then, I just walked the town. It’s a small city and you can see most things in one day. It is such a beautiful city. Everything is so precious and so not American. Cities here are just different. They feel so vibrant and full of culture. Around every corner it just gets better and better with with every little side street and nook and cranny. I could definitely live here. It would be so fantastic. Irish people are so helpful and friendly.

Galway is on the west coast of Ireland and from what I hear, it’s a lot different that the east. One of the guys called dublin west Britain because they think the west is true Ireland. I bet people from Dublin would be to differ but it’s nice to see people take pride in their city. There are a couple cathedrals that are just amazing and I also wandered up to the university of ireland at Galway. It has been so great just wandering around and just seeing where the roads take me!

I probably walked about 10 miles in all but it feels so great to not have to worry about a car. Galway is definitely a city to see by foot!

Cliffs of Moher and Cork tomorrow!

Live what you love

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